Microsoft 365

We’re pleased to announce that we are now able to sell and provision Microsoft and Exchange 365 products! Check out the options below to find the perfect plan.


Why 365?

Office Apps!

If you purchase a Business Standard or Premium plan, the Microsoft Office apps are included for download.

Business Basic comes with online versions of Office apps.

Reliable Emails!

All of your emails will be sent through Microsoft’s proven and trusted mail system, Exchange.

Exchange is available on all plan levels, from Exchange Online to Business Premium.


You’re not constrained to just the one licence. You can add licences for all of your staff so you can all enjoy the benefits that Exchange 365 and/or Microsoft 365 brings.

Up to a maximum of 300 seats.

What Software Is Included?

Depending On Your Plan, You’ll Get

Microsoft Word

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft OneDrive


Plans For Every Business Case

Got Questions?

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