MacBook Repair (Pre-2017 MacBooks Only)

MacBook out of warranty? Don’t settle for a ridiculous quote from Apple!

With our MacBook repairs, you will only pay for repairs to your board; not a complete board replacement.

Mandatory Fee

A $60 fee is required to be paid upfront; this includes bench time/diagnostics.

Guideline Pricing

Guideline pricing only. Subject to change based on actual requirements for repair.

No Obligation Qutoes

We’ll inspect your MacBook the moment it arrives. Generally, your fee will be what’s outlined above, but if your MacBook is water damaged or severely damaged, we will have to perform a more thorough inspection under a microscope. A more detailed quote will be provided to you over the phone or via email.

Affordable Repairs

You’ve spent a lot of money on your product; so why spend $1200+ for a repair from Apple? A lot of the time, Apple don’t even know the exact reason your product has died.

Generally speaking, they will quote you for a new logic board or complete replacement. At that point, you might as well buy a new computer!

Honest Service

  • We don’t outsource your repair. All repairs are performed in-house by our experienced technicians.
  • If there’s a job we’re not comfortable doing, we’ll beg and plead for you to go to someone we recommend who can do it.
  • If the manufacturer can do the repair for free, we’ll send you to them.

Mail it in!

We offer a simple mail-in service.

  1. Fill in a repair request form (link coming soon)
  2. We’ll supply you with a Job ID and the mailing address
  3. Package your MacBook and send it to us (please don’t send us the box it came in, or your charger)
  4. We’ll repair it and send it back (free of charge if repair successful).

If we can’t repair it or you don’t want to proceed with the repair, you have the option of paying return shipping on the device or discarding the device with us.

Again, please don’t send us your charger or the box! If you send us the box, we will dispose of it and you won’t see it again.